About the PATC Leadership Institute

The PATC Leadership Institute is a division of Public Agency Training Council (PATC).  PATC started in 1987 with a single training class for law enforcement and now offers over 100 training courses along with liability/risk management services, digital forensics services and more for all areas of public safety.  Visit the PATC Community for a daily digest of news, articles and more from PATC and around the globe.

The PATC Leadership Institute includes a Board of Directors who are recognized experts in the field of public safety leadership and supervision.  The leadership board, collectively, brings years of experience to the classroom for practical instruction.  The Leadership Institute Certification is a one-of-a-kind certification for current and aspiring leaders in the public safety arena.

The PATC Leadership Institute website is a valuable resource for articles, publications and training opportunities for members of the public safety community.  We encourage visitors to share our many free resources with their colleagues.

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